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This is one of several cuts in the cockpit sequence. As this cut was pulled together from a variety of previously built components, I will refer you to the following links!

For how Hadji was created, click HERE and HERE.

To see how the cockpit and the chair was built, click HERE.


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This shot wasn't particularly complex but it did require combining a lot of different elements created at different times during production. I took the original Bandit clay model from Cut 19 and re-purposed it for this shot, where Bandit is sitting in Hadji's lap and panting. This required a bit of re-sculpting to change Bandit's body position and attitude.


I decided to make my life a bit easier and shoot his head separate from his body. I did this because his head was quite heavy and his body really could not support it easily. Note the mirrors reflecting the blue background so that it surrounds his head for keying purposes. Eyes and eye lids were added in Photoshop later.

The body all connected. I added a slight shadow around his shoulders to tie it all together.

And here are the various components, in no particular order:

Hadji sitting in his seat with shadow areas for Bandit already in place.

Foreground controls were created in Photoshop and given a soft focus.

And Bandit, scaled to the correct size.

And here's what they look like together!

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The final clip is at the top of the page!
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