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This is one of several cuts in the cockpit sequence. As this cut was pulled together from a variety of previously built components, I will refer you to the following links!

For how Hadji was created, click HERE.

To see how the cockpit and the chair was built, click HERE.

Hadji was problematic because, like Jonny, his head was sculpted larger than the body. Also, Hadji's jacket needed to be fairly smooth and wrinkle free.

To facilitate this problem, I used tape to pull and tug on Hadji's jacket at various key points to rid the garment of wrinkles and other offending folds.


This shows what Hadji looked like from the front. Note the mirror on the table behind the puppet. The mirror reflected the blue screen so the body was completely wrapped in blue for keying purposes.


This gives a better idea of the scale of the head compared to the body.

And here are the various components, in no particular order:

Hadji with his super cool turban and jacket.


I used his form to create a shadow.


The seat was combined with the cockpit.

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The final clip is at the top of the page!
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