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This is one of several cuts in the cockpit sequence. As this cut was pulled together from a variety of previously built components, I will refer you to the following links!

For how Dr. Quest was created, click HERE.

To see how the cockpit and the chair was built, click HERE.

To see how the clouds were created, click HERE.

And here are the various components, in no particular order:

Animating Dr. Quest required the addition of blinking eyes
and a mid-turn eyebrow change both of which
were achieved in Photoshop in post.

In Photoshop, I used the form of Dr. Quest
to create a moving shadow on the seat back.

The seat and background were combined into one layer.


Clouds from cut 37 were racked out of focus and
inserted into the windows.

And here's what they look like together!

Click on the photo for a larger view!

The final clip is at the top of the page!
Thanks for looking!


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