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Another fan favorite. This is the legendary ParaPower Ray. I gave a lot of thought about how to approach this model build and decided that, since it never moved, I would photograph various basic shapes and components and do the build in Photoshop. This would give it a sleek look without any risk of bad glue seams or marred finishes to the shiney surfaces, which needed to be highly reflective.

So, to start, I gathered a variety of tubes, balls, etc and gave them a quick coat of silver paint.





This piece was the only "special build". All pieces were photographed with lighting from the same angle.


I also photographed a Quest stand-in with the same lighting. His hands are missing but won't be seen in the final composite.

Jonny's head and face were modified a bit in Photoshop before compositing as this doll has a 5 o'clock shadow and a huge nose! But this figure came with the prerequisite jeans and black turtle neck so we make do with what we have to work with.

A suitable background would be needed for the shot and, when I arrived at my shop one morning, I looked at the driveway and the sun was at a perfect angle for the shadows. So I smoothed out the gravel with a broom and then used two fingers to make tire tracks, just guessing where they would be required for the composite.

And here are the various elements, in no particular order:












Elements were shot separately to accomodate a slight multi-plane effect during the camera move to the right.

And here's what they all look like together!

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The final clip is at the top of the page!
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