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For more information about how this shot was created, see below!

Started work on cut number 15,  which is where Race pops off four shots at the mummy from cut #14.

Not a very complicated set up. Just a flat wooden backing with some cross lighting to add mood. Note the slight "Batman" angle on the wooden base supporting Race. This was implemented to give his pose a bit of attitude. For a larger version, click on the photo.

To complete the illusion, I used a small penlight to illuminate his face for the muzzle flash. This shot is without the muzzle flash.

This shot was created while I illuminated his body with the penlight.
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I used Photoshop to blend away the joints in his neck and wrists. I also added the muzzle flash.


As in the machine gun shot with the soldiers, I created an empty shell casing to incorporate into the shot.


I then created an animation cycle for two paths for the shell casings and alternated between the two for all four shots.


Roger, meet Roger.
Me animating Roger "Race" Bannon.
As noted on a previous page, his corneas are added in Photoshop so all you see here are the whites of his eyes.
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The completed clip is at the top of the page!

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