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Scene 12 is where the mummy breaks out of a locked building.


This is what cut #12 looks like in the actual cartoon title opening. It takes place in daylight but I decided to make it a night time shot to add more atmosphere. I also decided to just make it a large, wooden door that was chained shut rather than being boarded up.


To make the rock wall, Brandi first peels off the top cardboard layer of some black, 1/4 inch foam core board. This reveals a nice, rough styrofoam surface underneath that is easily manipulated to create grooves and rough textures.


Here Brandi uses a pencil with the lead point removed to score the cracks between the "rocks".


After delineating the grooves, real rocks are pounded on the surface of the foam randomly to texture it.


A quick coat of paint to lighten up the black surface.


Next up is to make the doors! Brandi measures the opening for a good fit. Note the previous interior set visible through the doorway.


Balsa wood is quickly cut to the appropriate length and hot-melt glued together.


They fit! Actually, the doors will be shot separately to make animation of the puppet easier.


A bit of kitty litter is added to simulate a rocky terrain.


A quick lighting test of the final set. I will probably increase the backlight a bit and add some blue to the foreground lights. But this is pretty much what the final should be like. Click on the photo for a larger view!

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